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Fire Extinguisher Production Line

As Fire Extinguisher Production Line, we provide that you produce of fire extinguishers to use in A, B, C, D, F class and electrical fires.

We design fire extinguisher production lines according to desired capacities and we perform turnkey installations.

Why Us​

With the development of the times, the demand for various high-end fire extinguishers is increasing. The appearance of stainless steel fire extinguishers is beautiful, which meets the needs of the times. The main products of the stainless steel fire extinguisher welding production line developed by the company include a series of rolling, welding, pressure testing, polishing, etc. The products and equipment have a high degree of automation and are suitable for welding requirements of various fire extinguishers.

We offer a complete turnkey fire extinguisher production plant from A to Z

We offer complete turnkey Fire-Extinguishers production plants from A to Z, to produce all types of Fire-Extinguisher cylinders. The complete Fire-Extinguisher Plants are composed of following lines:

A complete fire extinguisher production line mainly includes the following machines- Mechanical press and die set with uncoiler and servo drive- Double action deep drawing press and die set- Edge trimming machine- Circular welding machine- Dry powder filling machine – Circular bending machine- Hydraulic testing machine- Powder coating line.

The design and manufacture of the entire line will take up to 6 months and will be shipped in 3 containers. EMS metalworking engineers will design the production line so that it can easily switch between production changes. The production line has a capacity of 1800 fire extinguishers/day. This capacity is more than double the customer’s existing capacity. The starting point of the line will be the cutting of discs which will be deep drawn in hydraulic presses.

Fire Extinguisher Production Line User Guide

The discs are degreased before they are edge trimmed by our edge cutting and trimming machines. The machine can cut edges of 3600 fire extinguishers in a day. It is a semi-automatic machine that operates only with one operator. After the edges are cut and bent inside, they are ready for the body welding. Our body welding machine can weld bodies and necks of the fire extinguisher bodies on the same machine.

After the welding, the fire extinguishers are degreased and dry powder is filled inside the fire extinguisher body. In such a line complete stuff of 10 people will be enough to produce 1800 fire extinguishers/day


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